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Month: September 2015

Essential Five Android Apps for Management Students

The world of mobile technologies is vast and ever growing with the technology making our lives easier by the minute. While we use various apps for chatting, social networking, capturing selfies and using our devices like a perennial juke box; apps today are many and more versatile than an individual’s imagination.

There are applications for keeping us on top of our finances and some so exhaustive news aggregators, that you do not require any newspaper or print magazine.

As a student of management, every day we must contend with a torrent of lessons, finances, and other errands. Thankfully, there are hundreds of android apps that assure to make managing all of those notes, assignments, and to-dos a lot easier.

Here are my top 5 picks of what every smartphone using student of management must have on their phones:

1. Google Keep

KeepGoogle Keep is a syncing notepad that connects to Google Drive. It also supports photo notes, voice notes, and checklists. Google Keep lets you quickly take and save those notes, photos, voice memos, and checklists to Google Drive, and then access them again on any other web-connected device you use. It’s ideal for quick note-taking on the go, anyone who appreciates simple, fast note-taking tools or to-do apps, or for saving notes on the desktop that you know you’ll need on your Android phone, like shopping lists, addresses, phone numbers, checklists and to-do lists, or conference call codes. Keep even supports Google Apps accounts, so you can use it with your own domain or a business account.

2. Google drive

google driveThis Google app comes with loads of features to help you take notes in class, manage projects among different group members, and store whatever information or files you need, all on a full cloud drive accessible from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

For business students looking to access notes, PowerPoint presentations, pictures, pdfs and other information on the go, this app is perfect.

3. Wolfram Alpha

downloadAs the apps promoters say – “Whatever question you may have, Wolfram Alpha likely has an answer”. The powerful, intuitive app is great for research if you happen to be writing a paper or studying for a test, and can be used to quickly access any kind of information or perform even the most complex of calculations as well.

Link : WolframAlpa

4. gReader

Just one line from me – “Read everything under the sun”.

 greaderThis app is a powerful news aggregator and you can get feeds from any topic that you are interested in. This is the best source of information that will help you build real life knowledge. Catch the local news, read about entrepreneurship, follow your favorite show or simply subscribe to its entertainment channel.

5. Wikipedia

The app is in essence the Wikipedia website in app form. You have access to the millions of multilingual, crowd-sourced encyclopedic articles in a clean layout. You can search, share and save the content very easily making it a powerful companion for research purposes.wikki

Make your device your study partner. Whether you’re looking to take better notes and sync them with the cloud or you’re trying to crack a mind-bending math problem, the right apps can help you get ahead. Acquire knowledge and work smarter with these apps.

This article was originally written for “Bennovation“,  King’s College Magazine.

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Dublr! the video dubbing app for fun.

How will you react when you see Gabbar Singh of SHOLAY saying “Basanti Ice-Cream Khaogi” instead “Naach Basanti Naach” to Hema Malaini.

Dubbing to the Hindi Movie’s scene used to be favourite pass time of many kid’s back then in 90’s when we had limited entertainment source. I still remember adding our own funny line to “Andaaz Apana Apana” scene by muting TV. Over the year I still have that “Keeda” inside me and I still try to add funny lines to many scene whenever I get chance with my friends.

DUBMASH app was fun but I always wished to have some app with reversed mechanism to it and guess what? Dublr! Is launching soon. I tried their Andriod Beta app and found it awesome. You can sign up to Dublr!with  your SNS (Twitter or FB) ID. And then you  can either choose  from  available 500+  existing video scene for dub or upload your own custom template.

You can instantly share your cool dubbed video scene over social networking site like Facebook Twitter etc.

Do get update about Dublr! app launch do  subscribe to their site.

Dublr2screenshot-1 screenshot-2

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“Right to Equality ” in Interm Constitution Draft 2072 ?

“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.”- Nelson Mandela

Ongoing agitations in  Terai-Madhesh goes perfect with  the Mandela’s line from “Long  Walk to Freedom”. Constitution of any country should treat their citizen equally before the law and guarantee freedom from discrimination. 

Our Interim Constitutions  Draft  2072 Article  23(1) says  “All Citizens shall be equal before the law. No person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws.”  And Article 23 (2) says No discrimination shall be made against any citizen in the application of general laws on grounds of religion, color, caste, tribe, sex, sexual orientation, bodily condition, disability, status of health, marital status, pregnancy, financial status, origin, language or region, ideological conviction or any of these.

Though Interim Constitution draft talks about the equality before the law but failed to guarantee freedom from discrimination. There is now provision to prevent or probhit unfair discrimination on one or more grounds including Religion, Caste, Tribe, Sex etc.

Constitution Draft committee has to be serious with this issue and include article which guarantees equality before the law and freedom from discrimination to the people of Nepal.

Constitution Draft -2072 download link :

Interim Constitution Draft -2072 Nepal

Interim Constitution Draft -2072 Nepal

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