How will you react when you see Gabbar Singh of SHOLAY saying “Basanti Ice-Cream Khogi” instead “Naach Basanti Naach” to Hema Malaini.

Dubbing to the Hindi Movie’s scene used to be favourite pass time of many kid’s back then in 90’s when we had limited entertainment source. I still remember adding our own funny line to “Andaaz Apana Apana” scene by muting TV. Over the year I still have that “Keeda” inside me and I still try to add funny lines to many scene whenever I get chance with my friends.

DUBMASH app was fun but I always wished to have some app with reversed mechanism to it and guess what? Dublr! Is launching soon. I tried their Beta Android app and found it awesome. It’s easy to use, you signup to Dublr! with SNS (Twitter or FB) ID. And then You just have to choose any video clip, Dub your voice over it  and the share it over Social Networking Site or send it via FB Chat.

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features-phone.Dublr2 screenshot-2